Oxylime: The Ultimate Micronutrient and Organic Fertilizer

Harness the power of calcium in agriculture with Oxylime.This dynamic organic product that enriches your soil, promotes plant cell wall formation and enhances growth. Oxylime is the trusted way for maintaining optimal soil pH, ensuring your plants receive the best micronutrients.

Key Features of Oxylime

  • The use of calcium in agriculture through Oxylime is highly essential.
  • Calcium is an important component in plant cell wall formation which Oxylime fulfills
  • Oxylime is essential to maintain the pH level of the soil

Dosage: 10 kg per bigha

Packing Size: 10 kg bag

Benefits of Oxylime

  1. Soil pH Regulation: “Oxylime” helps balance soil acidity, optimizing the pH level for enhanced nutrient availability and uptake by plants.
  2. Natural Fungicide: Its properties act as a barrier against certain soil-borne fungal diseases, promoting healthier plant growth.
  3. Calcium Source: Provides a rich supply of calcium, essential for cell wall strength, ensuring robust and resilient plant structures.
  4. Improved Soil Structure: Enhances soil aeration and water infiltration by breaking down heavy soils, facilitating better root penetration and growth.
  5. Eco-friendly Solution: “Oxylime” offers an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional soil treatments, ensuring sustainable and residue-free farming.

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