Douple: Enhancing Your Harvest to New Heights

Douple, a powerful solution which flourishes the crop productivity. It increases fruit size and weight, enhances the color and look, and offers protection against adverse conditions. Douple is your secret to flourihing, vibrant, and resilient crops. Enhance your organic farming with this best micronutrients and organic fertilizer.

Key Features of Douple

  • Douple increases fruit size and weight
  • Enhances fruit color and luster
  • Protects the fruit from adverse conditions

Dosage: 0.5 ml per liter of water

Packing Size: 20 ml

Benefits of Douple

  1. Boosted Crop Productivity: “Douple” is formulated to optimize the growth conditions of plants, ensuring they reach their full potential in terms of yield.
  2. Enhanced Fruit Characteristics: With “Douple”, farmers can expect not just more fruits, but also larger ones. It significantly increases fruit size and weight, leading to a better market yield.
  3. Vibrant Crop Appearance: Beyond just size and weight, “Douple” also enhances the visual appeal of fruits. It intensifies their color and overall look, making them more attractive to consumers and potentially fetching better market prices.
  4. Resilience Against Challenges: One of the standout benefits of “Douple” is its protective qualities. It arms crops against various adverse conditions, ensuring that external factors like unfavorable weather or pests have a minimized impact.
  5. Overall Farm Profitability: Given the combined benefits of increased yield, improved fruit quality, and enhanced resilience, using “Douple” can lead to higher returns on investment for farmers, ensuring sustainable and profitable farming.

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