Expert: The Ultimate Biological Stimulant for Blooming Plants

Expert is a powerful biological stimulant and growth promoter for the plants. It boosts the resistance power of the crop to get denser, greener leaves due to enhanced photosynthesis. It is the best option for helping plants flourishing even in drought conditions. Improve gardening with this one of the best micronutrients and organic fertilizer.

Key Features of Expert

  • Expert biological stimulant and growth promoter
  • It use increases the plant’s disease resistance capability
  • Using this product results in dense and greener leaves due to increased photosynthesis
  • Helps plants cope with drought

Dosage: Mix 1 to 1.5 grams per liter of water and spray

Packing size: 50 and 100 grams

Benefits of Expert

  1. Optimized Blooming: “Expert” is tailored to trigger and enhance the blooming process, ensuring that plants produce an abundance of vibrant and healthy flowers.
  2. Extended Flowering Period: With the application of “Expert”, flowering plants not only produce more blossoms but also maintain their blooming phase for a longer duration, providing a more extended display of beauty.
  3. Enhanced Flower Quality: Flowers nurtured with “Expert” tend to be more vivid in color, larger in size, and have a better overall appearance, making them more visually appealing for ornamental and commercial purposes.
  4. Increased Resistance to Stress: It strengthens flowering plants, making them more resilient against environmental stressors such as erratic weather conditions or potential pests and diseases.
  5. Eco-friendly Formulation: The product is designed with plant health in mind, ensuring that while flower production is enhanced, the overall health of the plant is not compromised, and no harmful residues are left behind.


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