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Our company is professionally managed and technologically driven. Our ingenious biological products offer 100% safe and natural solutions for crops. Indochem Agrovet Pvt.Ltd has a vast product portfolio that includes seed treatment products, bio-fertilizers, bio pesticides, bio fungicides, bioinsecticides, bio crop protectants, botanical pesticides, organic manures, plant growth promoter products, and decomposers including best micronutrients with all-India marketing & distribution network. Our organic pesticides for agriculture are successfully tested & exported to various international countries and we have received excellent reviews from our customers.

Our company aims to provide the top most quality products as we firmly believe that it is the quality of products that would further shape a farmers’ future as well as our fate.

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We, Indochem Agrovet, are strategically associated with a third-party accredited organic certification agency PAN India. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to achieve the best outcome for farm and farm products.
Best Input
We supply the best and most updated plant preservative for thriving agriculture. Our organic manures and soil support to promote plant growth. The products that are needed to be input are exceptionally helpful for land.
Market Chain
Our vision is to upgrade the farmers from subsistence to commercial to the commercial level. So, we integrate small farmers into Agricultural Value Chain. We aim to provide farmers with Market Linkage that transforms their stand.
Other Services
Apart from giving effective Farm Advisory, we offer Farm Waste Management Services. Indochem Agrovet composts farm waste into highly productive manure to maximize agricultural production. The farmers will be hugely benefitted with our services forever.

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