Borca Enhances Soil and Crop Fertility

BORCA is a type of agricultural lime that is commonly used in agriculture to improve soil fertility and crop productivity. BORCA stands for “burnt oyster shell, rice husk, and coconut husk ash”. These are the main ingredients used to make this type of agricultural lime.

The application of BORCA helps to improve soil structure, increase soil pH, and provide essential nutrients for plants. This leads to healthier plants, higher crop yields, and better quality produce. It is used for the growing of pulses, cereals, plantation crops like fruit crops, tea, coffee, medicinal plants, vegetables, orchids and flowers of all types. It can also be used in gardening and landscaping to improve soil fertility and plant growth.

BORCA is especially beneficial for acidic soils that are acidic with nutrient deficiency. It is produced by using pure CaCO3 with 80% neutralizing capacity. Being the volcanic source of Chile in South America, BORCA is mined product which is rich in natural nutrients like Boron, Calcium, Sulphur, Potassium, and Magnesium. As it doesn’t undergo any chemical process, the product is completely organic.

Key Features of BORCA

Overall, BORCA is a versatile and effective product that offers numerous benefits for agriculture.

  • It improves soil fertility.
  • It neutralizes soil acidity
  • It Improves soil structure by improving soil fertility, pH, and structure.
  • It has the ability to fulfill the requirements of calcium and boron.
  • It stimulates Root and Shoot development.
  • It improves the shelf life of fresh farm produce
  • It improves the shelf life of fresh farm produce.
  • It is eco-friendly


1 kg pouches in 20 kg cartoon.


  1. Nutrient-Rich Soil: “Borca” enriches the soil with essential nutrients, creating a fertile environment conducive to robust plant growth.
  2. Balanced Nutrient Supply: With a carefully formulated blend, it ensures that plants receive a well-rounded diet of vital elements, promoting healthy development.
  3. Improved Soil Structure: “Borca” enhances soil texture, allowing for better water retention, root penetration, and nutrient absorption, leading to healthier plants.
  4. Enhanced Microbial Activity: Encouraging beneficial soil microorganisms, “Borca” fosters a thriving soil ecosystem that contributes to overall plant health and productivity.
  5. Eco-Friendly Solution: As an organic product, “Borca” promotes sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices, reducing the need for synthetic chemicals.


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