Neem Baan: The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer and Insect Defender

Neem Baan, based on neem seeds, is an organic product that not only annihilates subsoil pests but also turbocharges root growth for healthier plants. This neem-based organic fertilizer fills nutrient gaps, delivering the best micronutrients to your crops. Improve eco-friendly agriculture with this product. Itis the all-in-one solution for pest-free, and nutrient-rich harvests.

Key Features of Neem Baan

  • Neem Baan is an ingredient made from neem seeds
  • Using of this product destroys various harmful insects under the soil and accelerates the growth of plant roots
  • Neem-based organic fertilizer replenishes deficiencies

Dosage: 4 to 6 kilograms per acre

Packing Size: 2 kg packet

Benefits of Neem Baan

  1. Natural Pest Control: “Neem Baan”, derived from neem, acts as an organic insect repellent, warding off a range of pests without harming beneficial insects.
  2. Safe & Non-Toxic: Being a natural product, it’s safe for the environment, farmers, and consumers, reducing the risks associated with chemical pesticides.
  3. Fungicidal Properties: The product offers protection against certain fungal diseases, ensuring healthier plant growth and better yields.
  4. Soil Health Preservation: Unlike synthetic pesticides, “Neem Baan” doesn’t degrade soil quality, preserving its fertility and promoting sustainable agriculture.
  5. Residue-Free Farming: It ensures that crops are free from harmful residues, leading to cleaner, safer produce and enhanced market value.

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