Indozyme Gold: A Natural Product for Remarkable Crop Growth

Explore the magic of Indozyme Gold. With advanced natural ingredients, it promotes strong root growth, resulting in healthier plants. This natural product reduces usage of chemical fertilizers by 10 to 15 percent and increases the crop productivity up to 30 percent. Embrace the future of organic farming with the best micronutrients and organic fertilizer Indozyme Gold.

Key Features of Indozyme Gold

  • Advanced natural ingredients for better root growth
  • Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers by 10 to 15 percent
  • 20 to 30 percent crop growth

Dosage: 2 to 5 kg per bigha can be applied to the field at the beginning of cultivation or during cropping

Packing size: 1 kg packet 10 kg bucket

Benefits of Indozyme Gold

  1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: “Indozyme Gold” stimulates root growth and increases nutrient absorption, ensuring plants get the most from the soil.
  2. Natural Growth Promoters: Infused with enzymes and beneficial microbes, it supports and accelerates natural growth processes in plants.
  3. Soil Revitalization: Helps rejuvenate depleted soils by improving their structure and increasing organic matter, fostering a thriving environment for crops.
  4. Eco-friendly Solution: Being a bio-based product, “Indozyme Gold” reduces the dependency on chemical fertilizers, promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible farming.
  5. Boosted Crop Yields: Through its comprehensive approach to plant and soil health, “Indozyme Gold” ensures higher productivity and superior quality harvests.

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