Tricobac: An Organic Shield Against Crop Pathogens

Tricobac, a potent organic fungicide infused with Trichoderma viridi and Pseudomonas, is your guardian against plant pathogens. It effectively neutralizes most harmful agents, ensuring your crops stay disease-free. With Tricobac, you can go chemical-free for up to 15 days, fostering a healthier, eco-friendly environment. Use this best micronutrients and organic fertilizer for your farming success.

Key Features of Tricobac

  • Tricobac is an organic fungicide containing Trichoderma viridi and Pseudomonas
  • Most of the pathogens are inactivated by its use
  • No chemicals can be used before or after 15 days of using this organic fungicide
  • The use of Trichobac helps to get rid of soil-borne diseases

Dosage: 1 to 2 kg per bigha

Packing size: 1 kg packet

Benefits of Tricobac

  1. Natural Defense: “Tricobac” acts as an organic barrier against a range of harmful crop pathogens, ensuring plants remain healthy without the use of synthetic chemicals.
  2. Eco-friendly Solution: Being an organic product, “Tricobac” promotes sustainable farming practices, reducing environmental impact and ensuring the soil remains free from harmful residues.
  3. Enhanced Crop Health: By effectively warding off pathogens, “Tricobac” ensures that plants can grow without hindrance, leading to healthier and more robust crops.
  4. Cost-effective Protection: Preventing pathogen attacks before they can cause damage can lead to significant savings for farmers, both in terms of crop losses and potential treatments.
  5. Safe for Beneficial Organisms: Unlike many chemical pesticides and fungicides, “Tricobac”, being organic, is less likely to harm beneficial insects and microbes that are crucial for a balanced agricultural ecosystem.

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