How to make Organic Manure

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The popularity of organic manure is increasing day by day. Popular for organic farming there are multiple types of organic manures or fertilizers.

Here is the recipe of preparing organic manure and method of using them in the right manner.

Healthy eating, is happy eating’ is the popular mantra of today. People these days eat healthy, they are now inclined to consume food which is directly derived from the bosom of nature. That is to say, people are growing increasingly aware of food that is grown without any use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals- grown organically. Therefore, more and more farmers are switching over to organic farming.

The fundamental system of Organic Farming

The most principle of organic farming is the fact that it treats soil as a living entity. The productiveness of the soil is never negotiated upon and crops that are grown in the soil are native. Rotation of crops is trained very consistently in the organic farming to maintain the quality of the soil. As per the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, the organic farming support the code of health, ecology, fairness and care in that order.

What Organic Manure

Organic manure is a nutrient got out of the organic sources such as animal waste, vegetable compost, agricultural residues, human excreta, etc. On the whole, they are usual materials that decay and get mixed with the soil thereby increasing its fertility.

The main idea behind providing organic manure is to break up the composite inorganic nutritional supplements into simpler organic ones that can be easily taken in and incorporated by the plants. Manures with low nutrient content have a leftover effect for a longer period of time. It also improves the quality of the soil.

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